Saneair ensures adequate interior ventilation

Ensure replacement air

Ensure sufficient oxygen supply in educational institutions, other public spaces and homes.

Heat recovery

By recovering heat, you prevent energy being wasted and heat escaping out of the building.

Easy to install

The Saneair ventilation unit is easy to install in any space, even in an hour!

One of the most common indoor problems is inadequate ventilation.

Inadequate ventilation manifests itself as indoor air congestion and lack of oxygen. Poor indoor air in buildings can cause a wide range of health hazards and reduce work efficiency and comfort. Therefore, taking care of the clean and fresh indoor air of your home, workplace, school or kindergarten is very important.

Saneair is a room-specific ventilation unit with heat recovery that clearly improves the air quality of the entire building. It is easy to install in a ventilation window or hatch in an office, commercial apartment or home. It is quiet, allergy friendly and consumes little electricity.

Saneair brings help to any space.

Saneair is a room-specific ventilation device and is intended for rooms where there is a lack of ventilation. Saneair does not interfere with the operation of existing ventilation systems. The device is equipped with an inlet and outlet fan, so that it takes in as much air as it removes.

Heat recovery makes Saneair energy efficient, recovering up to 60% of the heat from the exhaust air. In cold weather, it is possible to preheat the supply air with a 300 W electric heater.