Help for any space.

Saneair is a single room heat recovery ventilation system for spaces that have inadequate ventilation. It does not disturb the operation of possible existing ventilation systems. Saneair is equipped with supply and exhaust fans, which means that the balance between the supply and exhaust air is equal.


Principles of ventilation

Until the 1960’s, ventilation was traditionally executed mostly by the stack effect (natural extraction). Due to weathering, the stack effect is not sufficient enough; when it is warm outside, the indoor air barely changes, whereas on a cold weather it changes, but at the same time there is massive heat loss. During the next decades forced exhaust ventilation became more popular, but the challenge with heat loss was still there and it was also problematic to get sufficient and clean make-up air.

Nowadays with new buildings, there is often the option for supply and exhaust fans. These systems can be installed afterwards in old houses as well, but with significantly higher costs due to the building’s technical matters.

Saneair solves all the above-mentioned problems in spaces with insufficient ventilation.


Energy efficient Saneair

The heat recovering function makes Saneair cost-efficient by saving more than 60% of the heat from the exhaust air. During cold weather it is possible to pre-heat the supply air with a 300 W resistor.

Saneair is quick to install.

See all installation phases of a Saneair air handling unit below.